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January 15, 2013
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It had just become too much for you to handle. It had been a mere three months since your whole family had been killed in a car crash. You had been arguing in the back seat with your brother, and when your father turned his gaze away from the road for a mere moment to reprimand you, the car blew a red light and was crushed by the massive semi truck that was passing through the intersection at that moment.

When you woke up three days later, arm in a cast and stitches in your forehead, the awful news was given to you in the kindest words possible, but it made no difference. Your family was dead. It was inconceivable at the time, your mother, your father, your little brother, all gone? Impossible!

But as the days went by, the truth slowly sank into your brain. They were gone, and it was all your fault. Days were spent in the hospital, slowly healing while watching the world go by around you from a window by your bed, wondering how those people could look so happy while you were oh so broken inside.

Being eighteen, you didn't qualify for the foster care system, and after the funerals, you had begun to live on the streets, seeing as how there was no one able and willing to take you in and care for you, and there was no way in hell you could live in your house alone, not without them. Your grief quickly evolved into a deep and consuming depression, and soon you could only see one way out of this mess.

So that is how you ended up here, standing on the edge of a bridge in the middle of a bustling city, with no one caring enough to take a moment to stop and ask you why you were standing on the wrong side of the guard rail.

Taking a deep breath, your mind began to form a countdown.


The faces of your mother, father, and brother flashed through your mind, the stabbing emotional pain enforcing the belief that you were doing the right thing.


A feeling of sweet relief washed over your entire being as your hands loosened from the cool metal hand rails. It would be over soon. It would be okay.


"Vhat are you doing?" A deep, masculine voice with a thick accent cut into your countdown.

Crap. This wasn't part of your plan.

"None of your business. Go away," you growled out, glaring at the churning waters below you and willing them to surge upwards and snatch you away.

"Nein, I vill not. Vhat is your name?" You turned to face the man, _[eye color]_ eyes flashing. Muscular arms were crossed over an equally muscular chest, an unamused and slightly concerned look plastered across his attractive face. He was dressed modestly, a black turtleneck and a pair of jeans complementing his physically fit form and making his slicked-back blond hair and blue eyes stand out even more.

"Vell? Are you going to answer me?" Oh. You were staring. You decided to humor the strange man.

"_______. My name is _______." Your voice shook slightly, all of your pent-up emotions you had planned on releasing in your fall raging under the surface of the words.

"Vell, Frauline _______, I am Ludwig. Vhy don't you come over-"

"NO!" you screamed before emitting a long, drawn out sigh. "No, I can't."

"Vhy not?" the man- Ludwig, your mind automatically corrected- asked.

"You wouldn't understand!" you hissed through gritted teeth, turning your attention back to the water below.

"And how do you know that?"

Damn. He had a point there. You didn't know anything about him, other then that he wouldn't let you leave this world in peace.

A warm hand wrapped around your wrist and you looked up, mouth slightly agape. Why would anyone want to save you, let alone a complete stranger?

"Come back over to this side, and you can tell me everything. Vhatever it is, it is not vorth your life. Come on." Ludwig said in a calm voice that left no room for arguments.

Numbly, you climbed back over the guard rail and followed him off the bridge and into the city, trying to figure out how this strange man had stopped you from jumping.
This story may be triggering.

Wow. I didn't intend for this to be so dark and sad, but hey, there's a first time for everything.

Anyways, this is my first reader insert, I hope I did a decent job with it.

I may or may not continue this, depending on the response I get.
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