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April 23, 2013
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Caution: blood, swearing, and some relatively creepy strangers

You stood under the lone streetlamp, clutching your backpack to your chest, glancing nervously at anyone who seemed like trouble. But at this hour, anything could happen. You mentally damned your boss for making you stay after and clean up. Sure, the extra money would be nice, except for now you were stranded in the middle of the red light district.

You were so utterly exhausted, you had boarded the wrong bus and hadn’t noticed until it was too late, and now you were stuck there for another…fifteen minutes until the next bus was scheduled to arrive.

I’m too young to die… you thought to yourself. A few years out of college, you had secured your dream job as a forensic scientist at a big city police department, and it felt wonderful knowing that you were helping catch criminals and murderers. But now the biggest worry on your mind was whether or not you would become the latest victim of a street crime.

A lone wolf-whistle broke through the air, and a chorus of laughter followed. You squeezed your eyes shut, silently praying to nobody that they weren’t referring to you.

The laughter got closer and closer, and a voice purred in your ear, “Hey, what’s a pretty little thing doin’ out here all by your lonesome?”

You involuntarily shuddered, nervously watching the leader of the gang, which must have seemed funny to the group because they started laughing and everyone seemed to have something crude to say.

“Yeah, don’t you know you could get hurt?”

“Why don’t you come with us?”

“We’d show you a real good time!”

“No!” you protested, shying away from the group. You didn’t want to hurt them, despite knowing that you probably could, given the correct circumstances. It just wasn’t a part of your personality. But if they made one more rude comment…

“You guys giving the doll trouble?” a new voice chimed in, and you glanced over at the man who had appeared at your side. His bomber jacket held more than a few suspicious stains, and dark sunglasses were nearly hidden in his hair. Blood red eyes glinted with a dangerous light, daring the men to talk back to him. You wanted to scream when you noticed the wooden Louisville Slugger bat, customized with dozens of nails pounded into the barrel, slung over his shoulder.

“C’mon man, we weren’t hurting anyone!” one of the men complained.

“Yeah, the girl probably likes the attention,” another chimes in, and you shook your head violently.

“No way! You just started hitting on me out of nowhere!” you defended, holding the backpack a little tighter.

“Well then, that simplifies things,” the brunette said, and before you could blink, blood spattered the pavement as the bat you noticed earlier pounded the skull of one of the gangsters. More blood flew in a crimson arch as one by one the offenders fell before you.

When all was said and done, the man turned to you, slinging the bloody bat back across his shoulder. “Now then, let’s get you home, doll,” he said, walking towards you. You stepped back, natural fight-or-flight instincts screaming that this was a dangerous man and that you should stay far away, but pure fear kept you where you were.

Noticing your reaction, the man sighed. “Look, doll, I’m not like them? My mother-strange as she was-taught me that women were to be treated right. And obviously those fucktards were never told that, so I informed them. Now where do you live so I can make sure you get home safe?”

Hesitantly, you relayed your address, and he nodded. He walked over to you and wrapped a strong arm around your waist, pulling you along.

“Hey!” you protested, not liking the direction that this was taking.

“Relax doll, it’s so no one else bothers you. My bike is just around the corner, so it’s not too far.” And true to his word, a Harley Davidson motorcycle was parked on the curb, patiently waiting for it’s owners return. Releasing your waist, he strode over and swung one leg over, released the kickstand, and sat down (not that you were watching. And you totally didn’t think that he looked pretty damn sexy while doing it).

“Come on, doll. Just climb on and don’t let go.” You nodded, donning your backpack and climbing on behind him. Reaching around, the man grabbed your arms and wound them around his chest. You furiously blushed, but the man just grinned, revealing a missing canine tooth.

With a rev of the motor, he drove away, and within ten minutes, he stopped out front of your apartment building. You climbed off of the bike, staggering a bit as your legs readjusted to being on solid ground. “T-Thank you,” you stuttered, blushing furiously, only causing the man to grin again.

“Don’t mention it doll. See ya around.” And with the roar of the engine, he disappeared into the night while you stood on the sidewalk and watched him drive away.

And I never even got his name… you though, a twang of disappointment shooting through you as you walked into your apartment building.
A request made by :icon666kurai:, who wanted blood and either 2p!America or 2p!Canada.

I thought it would be interesting to have 2p!America acting somewhat chivalrous, even through it might be twisted and a but out of character.

I don't own anything except for the plot.
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